Hi. I'm the high QA guy.

Make sure anyone can use your website or app stoned.

How It Works

  1. Send your app or website or app to hi@highqaguy.com
  2. I'll get high and try to use your service
  3. I'll document any issues I encounter and create a report

$300 per website/app. You don't pay until you're happy with the result.

Or just email hi@highqaguy.com with a link to your website/link and any special instructions.

Why High?

When I'm high, I have trouble using websites/apps. If your website works for somebody who is stoned, your website can work for anyone.

A Quick Example

Here's an example of the type of issue I'm able to find. A full report would include more issues.


I accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, credit card via invoice, and crypto depending on fees.

I understand that your company may not want to work with a usability tester that goes by the name of "High QA Guy". That's why when I invoice, all receipts and relevant documents only mention "HQAG Consulting". Sounds professional, right?